There is something very charming about the Gang-gang Cockatoos, recently listed as a vulnerable species in New South Wales. ‘I feel very lucky that they often visit our place in the Blue Mountains, where they like to feast on the Peppermint Gums around my studio,’ says artist Julie Paterson. ‘They are not flashy birds - you only really know they are around because you hear them, making quiet creaky sounds like rusty old farm gates, opening and closing in the distance. They are always in pairs, and sometimes we spot them snuggling up to each other on a branch, like fond old couples on a park bench.’

Julie has painted a male Gang-gang with his distinctive red crest. She thinks he looks a bit like the lead singer from Simply Red. 


The Big Picture Collective is excited to be able to support the research and conservation efforts of Michael Mulvaney and the Red Hill Regenerators to help save these charismatic, small cockatoos. 

Gang-Gang Cockatoo

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  • We print on acid-free archival Canson paper using the latest pigment ink printing technology. That’s what the best art museums use to achieve vibrant colour, brightness, clarity and longevity. 

    The paper is 310 gsm cotton rag which makes for a smooth, matte finish. 

    Every digitally printed artwork is signed and numbered by Julie and available in two sizes. 

    70 x 70cm is $595 

    40 x 40cm is $275