The Princess parrot is a bit of a recluse, living out in the desert regions of WA, South Australia and the Northern Territory, and it’s listed as vulnerable in the EPBC Act. The numbers of birds are up and down. Scientists think it’s because of climate change affecting the conditions in their desert habitat.

Princess Parrot

  • We print on acid-free archival cotton rag using the latest Epson technology. That’s what the best art museums use to achieve vibrant colour, brightness, clarity and longevity. 

    The Canson paper is 310 gsm which makes for a smooth, matte finish. 

    The inks are certified to 99 percent Pantone, for those of you that were wondering.

    Every digitally printed artwork is signed and numbered by Julie. 

    This digitally printed artwork by Julie Paterson is available in two sizes. 

    70 x 70cm is $595 

    40 x 40cm is $275